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March 12, 2012
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Stupid Ned Stark by bangalore-monkey Stupid Ned Stark by bangalore-monkey
Digital Caricature illustration of Sean Bean as he appeared in 'Game of thrones'.

inspired by the Stupid ned stark internet meme.

done in sketchbook pro and photoshop
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Man this is so sad, and so true... Wish Ned had taken little finger plan to take the throne and stop Cercei, or at least hold it until Stannis come, or go with Renly...

But he had to waste it all.
bangalore-monkey Jun 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you!
I love this character, really (I guess he's so upright and honourable that I can't help it lol) but... sadly, your caricature illustrates it well (it's very good by the way ^^) Right into the lion's den!


For the old gods' sake Ned, what were you thinking?? That Cersei was going to be grateful?? "What? You know that I have a liaison with my twin-brother and you know that he is the father of my children, so you tell me that you know all this because you're going to denounce me to the king, my husband, and you want me and my family to go into exile so that we won't be killed? Oh thank you my lord, you're too good!" lol

Actually, I think he knew that she would not listen to him, but he did not want to denounce her knowing full well the punishment would be death without having offered her a last chance to live. Yeah, he's too honourable and compassionate for his own good. I guess I love him for that, but I'm mad at him at the same time! :frustrated:
there was nothing stupid about Ned Stark. It's stupid to live without honor. Joffrey is the stupid one. I would rather die with honor than live like the rest of those clowns any day. Good job on the artwork though. Even if I don't like it's meaning.
I will say this to you: Eddard Stark was out-smarted by Cersei Lannister.
Btw, Ned is a pretty horrible fucking person. There are many details in the books that paints a less than flattering picture of this "honorable" man.
Do not get me wrong, I like grey characters but I do not like when people talk about GoT-characters as if they have no flaws or have nothing but flaws.

Ned is a cool character but there is alot of stupid things about him. Trust me.

As for Joff: He is inbred which might have contributed to his mental defect. He is still a child, in the books I think he is supposed to be about 13 years old. His mother is Cersei friggin' Lannister who is a narcissistic, paranoid wreck of a human being who has taught Joff from he was very young that he can trust nobody, that no one is better than him and that he should treat people as if they were his personal toy. If there was any ounce of empathy in his misshapen psyche, Cersei put that part of him to sleep long ago.
I may be the only person in the world to say this but I actually feel a tiny bit sorry for that horrible child.
And yes, Joff is stupid, of course he is. His mother is Cersei god damn Lannister. Of course he is stupid O_O
I never said Ned was perfect. No one is perfect. Of course he made mistakes. He still had more honor than any of the other characters that were in question here. Also, he wasn't outsmarted. He just wasn't willing to forsake his honor like Cersei was. Regardless, I was just making a comment about my thoughts on it. There is no reason to get all upset and to assume that I don't think the Starks have flaws. It's ok. They are just characters in a book series turned show.
no you are right. I'm sorry that I assumed stuff about you. I was being an ass.
bangalore-monkey Apr 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
Ned stark was stupid because he trusted the wrong people, and took them for their word. He assumed that others like Cersei and Littlefinger would play by the rules like he did.

He wasn't stupid for being honorable, he was stupid for not realizing he was the only one who was.

but i digress, thanks for commenting. glad you like it!
I don't think he trusted Cersei.....but I agree about Littlefinger. He should have known not to trust the guy who wants to use his little finger on his wife. lol.
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