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Black river rivalry by bangalore-monkey Black river rivalry by bangalore-monkey
Kimiko and Akecheta, Two members of the "Black river crew", a small town street gang, both vying for power in the newly leaderless group.

here's the full character concept brief:

The Black River Crew

The Black River Crew is a gang of kids between the ages of 14 and 21 that spend most of their time causing trouble. Seeing themselves as noble rebels and Robin Hood figures, they 'liberate' other people's property, 'decorate' the neighborhood and generally run amock. They are fiercelessly territorial, and ';protect' their neighborhood from unwanteds - whether this be other gangs or niave cops. They have, however, also been known to legitimately help the neighborhood - like when the Black River flooded and they went down to work on sandbags and evacuation before the government had time to react. They are less like organized crime and more like idealistic but cynical kids that are very very bored. Thus they are somewhat tolerated by the population, though they've had more than one shoe thrown at them.

Right now, however, there is a vacancy of power in the Black River Crew. The former gang leader has moved on, and they need someone new to lead them.

Enter the contestants.


Kimiko moved into the neighborhood when she was very young, and grew up on the bank of the Black River. She is rather small in stature, but huge in presence. She can silence any of the crew with a stare. She tells them with regularity that she is the decendent of a powerful yakuza family, but whether this holds any truth or not remains to be seen. She is just about 19, with jet black hair and fierce eyes. Though she can brawl with the best of them, she watches out for her crew, especially the younger ones, and will come between them and anyone who intends to hurt them. She's very bright but has no patience for book learning, preferring to take to the streets than do her homework. Everyone in the gang looks up to her, but are also very wary of her temper...


Akecheta is 17. He also moved into the area as a small child with his mother when his father died, so he’s not ‘family’. This has made him much more protective of his role in the gang. If anyone calls him out or challenges his loyalty he is prepared to strike out. His father was half Sioux, and he is fiercely proud of that part of his heritage. He is determined to make leader. No-one’s going to beat him. However Akecheta is hiding a secret, one that makes him bitter and angry: he is gay. No-one knows, and he’s determined no one will.
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September 24, 2009
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